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Evie - Zonhoven
This review has been modified from 2 stars to 4 stars to reflect the willingness of the company to try and solve the problems encountered. I received very quickly the first 2 boxes of my order, however due to a problem in the transport company, the third box got never delivered and was untraceable. In the beginning there was some ping pong between email and phone to get the issue solved, however the client service tried to do their best to locate the parcel and when not found in the end a new package was send. After installation, their was a defect discovered and a replacement material is on the way to replace it. Fingers crossed... It seems there was a bit of a "doom" on this order, but the helpfullness of the company to have all sorted out is great!
Sofia - Hoeilaart
Light yet solid frame, complete and intact delivered, modern and classy, easy to change places , comfortable and easy to clean.
vol-ledig - Vosselaar